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25.02.2018 · Most aluminum Scuba tanks manufactured before 1989 were made with 6351 alloy that is known for developing SLC, or sustained load cracking. 5 6351 vs. 6062 alloy. Scuba tanks made prior to 1990 – which some divers still use – were made using an alloy that was known to crack around the neck of the tank, Hussey said. Those cracks make the tanks susceptible to exploding. - The Article relating to this. This is the whole 6351 vs 6061 aluminum alloy. There’s no question that SLC has led to catastrophic ruptures of aluminum scuba tanks manufactured before 1990 from alloy 6351- T6. The U.S. Department of Transportation DOT has files on three such aluminum tank explosions, including the 1998 maiming of a. 08.03.2012 · As for the tanks. Well, have you done any research on the 6351 aluminum alloy? It might be worth a search. Do a general search here for 6351 and you'll see a lot of information To give a bit of bad news, all your tanks are 6351 Alloy. Dacor tanks were made under a Luxfer contract as I recall and are susceptible to sustained load cracks SLC.

The scuba industry faces a conundrum: whether or not to continue using 6351-T6 alloy cylinders. This is a valid question, but the USDOT asserts that any cylinder that passes the required inspections and tests is valid for continued service — regardless of the alloy from which it was made. We will provide this check FREE OF CHARGE for any cylinder in current visual inspection. This has become a STANDARD part of the FDU visual cylinder inspection process. Here is ‘The List’ of scuba tanks that DOT says are most likely made from the 6351-T6 aluminium alloy. XS Scuba 63 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank, XS Scuba, 63 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank, AL63, Tanks, Aluminum Tanks with reviews at. 1.800.34.SCUBA. • Cylinders manufactured with 6351 aluminum alloy require special attention as mandated by the DOT, 49CFR and CAN/CSA B339-02. Details: Tell me why, on those 7 tanks I bought from another dive shop 5 years ago, no hydro re-tester have ever add "VE" stamped after hydro dates since September 2005. 100% BANNED 6351 Alloy Scuba Cylinders”. Join Richard and 89 supporters today. Sign this petition. Another 6351 Tank Explodes This time close to home. Most dive centers in New England will no longer fill these tanks. Check your tank and if it is suspect, drain it now. For safety reasons, we are committed to getting these tanks off the market. Thousands of tanks nationwide have already been taken out.

Testing and inspection of diving cylinders Jump to. The inspection and testing requirements for scuba cylinders may be very different from the requirements for other. The aluminium alloys used for diving cylinders are 6061 and 6351. 6351 alloy is subject to sustained load cracking and cylinders manufactured of this alloy should. 25.08.2011 · I'm embarrassed to admit I've forgotten how to identify a 6351 alloy tank. I want to say it's an "AL" DOT designation. Scuba Divers: Identifying a tank with bad alloy Discussion in. the scuba tanks that the DOT says are most likely made from the 6351-T6 aluminum alloy.

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