Crest Syndrome And Scleroderma |

Scleroderma is an uncommon condition that results in hard, thickened areas of skin and sometimes problems with internal organs and blood vessels. Scleroderma is caused by the immune system attacking the connective tissue under the skin and around internal organs and blood vessels. Plus CREST – It means when the patient has CREST syndrome along with another form of scleroderma, including diffuse scleroderma or other types of autoimmune disease symptoms. In diffuse scleroderma the involved skin is not localized in a particular area and the involvement of the internal organs like the digestive system, heart, lungs and kidney. Scleroderma is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the skin, connective tissue, and internal organs. Your doctor can treat your symptoms and help you feel better, though. The problem is with. Scleroderma is a skin disease of the connective tissue featuring thickened skin that can involve scarring, blood vessel problems, varying degrees of inflammation and pain, and is associated with an overactive immune system.; CREST syndrome is a limited form of scleroderma. Patients with scleroderma can have specific antibodies ANA, anticentromere, or anti-topoisomerase in their blood that. What is CREST syndrome. CREST syndrome is now called limited scleroderma, is a widespread connective tissue disease characterized by changes in the skin, blood vessels, skeletal muscles, and internal organs 1.CREST is an acronym for the clinical features that are seen in a patient with limited scleroderma or limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis.

In some forms of scleroderma, hard, tight skin is the extent of this abnormal process. In other forms, however, the problem goes much deeper, affecting blood vessels and internal organs, such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys. Scleroderma is called both a rheumatic roo-MA. Scleroderma is an autoimmune disorder which affects the skin of the whole body causing it to harden. CREST syndrome is the name given to limited form of scleroderma in which lesser body parts are affected. The two conditions are differentiated on the basis of the severity and extent of the condition. Limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis lcSSc, or limited scleroderma. The more common type of SSc. Areas of skin affected include only the face, forearms and lower legs up to the knee. The older term for limited scleroderma is CREST syndrome Calcinosis, Raynaud's disease, OEsophageal dysmotility, Sclerodactyly, Telangiectasia. I'm unlucky enough to have been diagnosed with this rare and debilitating disease. Just in case anyone browsing here is newly diagnosed with Systemic Sclerosis, Scleroderma, Raynaud's Disease, CREST Syndrome and/or Sjogren's Syndrome I'm here to say life. CREST syndrome is an uncommon condition that is related to systemic sclerosis, and some investigators feel that this is a form of limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis. The acronym stands for Calcinosis cutis, Raynaud phenomenon, Esophageal dysfunction, Sclerodactyly, and Telangiectasias, which are the hallmark features of the disorder.Calcinosis cutis refers to nontender collections of.

Learn about the major forms of scleroderma, an autoimmune disorder, including how localized, diffuse and limited CREST syndrome affects a person's skin and other internal organs.

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