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Bitcoin payment sent and confirmed in blockchain but still not yet received by the account

I made payments for this account number 1D3HZXK8So3n6LahCGWpkAxbQ3P6br1gSs worth 10$ for quick verification procedure of my account. But its almost been 24hrs now, it still says payment has not yet received, What should i do now so that i can proceed with my transaction also. . . Heres the Txid of my payment 3f624c15d2479ac6aa696b7357fcb650bf29d442f1a980a65488da3bd9501a48

Hope you can help me with this. . Thank you

Article source: “https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/80031/bitcoin-payment-sent-and-confirmed-in-blockchain-but-still-not-yet-received-by-t”